Prof. Bhaskar J. Iyer

“Education is the manifestation of perfection present already in man.”

Swami Vivekananda

“Art without engineering is dreaming. Engineering without art is calculating.”

Steven Roberts

India has been long been a witness to the age of science and technology. Our country has advanced vastly in the field of technology and innovation since gaining independence in 1947. In our country, technical education is imparted at various levels such as vocational, diploma, and degree, post-graduate and research in specialized fields, catering to various aspects of technological development and economic progress. The country’s engineers and software professionals are the most sought after as some of the most highly skilled personnel throughout the world.

Government Polytechnic – Ahmedabad (GPA) is one of the pioneer institutes in Diploma Technical Education since 1954 in the state of Gujarat. The institute offers 3 year diploma courses in 10 different branches under Commissionerate of Technical Education (CTE) and is affiliated with Gujarat Technological University (GTU).

The institute is located in the heart of the World Heritage city of Ahmedabad and has been for years, the first choice among students for their admission. The institute has highly qualified, self-motivated and knowledgeable faculty members in each department. The institute has developed an inherent culture of achieving excellence in academics and innovation with one of the highest number of Proof of Concepts (PoCs) under Gujarat Govt’s Student Startup and Innovation Policy (SSIP) among Government Polytechnic institutes of the state. The institute has excellent and well maintained infrastructure which is periodically upgraded as the institute grows. For long, the institute has inculcated the importance of Lifelong Learning among both students and faculty members. As a result of this, the institute has been able to provide a rich legacy of alumni who are successful in their respective fields, both within the city as well as around the world. The contribution of our alumni towards the growth of the city and thus the state and country, has been significant. The institute has an excellent track record of placements in past few years and students of GPA have always proved their mettle in industry, academics, and administration over the last many years. This glory has been due to the synergetic efforts of management, learned faculty, dedicated staff and sincere students over these years. I urge everyone, including staff and students, to make excellent careers by availing the unique opportunity that GPA provides through classroom teaching, laboratory instructions, industrial trainings and participation in sports, cultural and other extra-curricular activities of interest. Recently, GPA’s Alumni Association has also been formed to actively involve the alumnus in institute’s development.

To further the institute’s aim towards excellence, accreditation process for getting four diplomas programmes accredited by National Board of Accreditation during the academic year 2019-20 has been undertaken. These are Computer Engg., Civil Engg., Electronics & Communication Engg. and Mechanical Engg. For the faculty and administrators, accreditation promotes ongoing self-evaluation and continuous improvement and provides an effective system for accountability. For the institute or programme, accreditation enhances its national reputation and represents peer recognition. The entire task has been undertaken by respective departments with zeal and vigour. The institute eagerly looks forward to getting accredited by NBA and thus continue to excel in the field of technical education.

I extend my best wishes to all staff members and students of these programmes for getting accredited in the year 2021.

I express my sincere gratitude to all our stakeholders for their continued support, cooperation and active involvement to make GPA a citadel of Technical Learning.

Prof. Bhaskar J. Iyer
Government Polytechnic Ahmedabad