SSIP 1.0

The Student Startup & Innovation Policy of Government of Gujarat aims to create an integrated, state-wide, university-based innovation ecosystem to support innovations and ideas of young students and provide a conducive environment for optimum harnessing of their creative pursuit. The Student Startup & Innovation Policy synergises complementary efforts by different stakeholders while making strong efforts towards cultural change among students, preincubation support and other necessary measures required in creating and nurturing student innovations and help sustaining them. Primarily, at the education department level, the resources shall be utilised in building innovation support systems, processes and building a university-centric innovation ecosystem across the geography of the state that promotes innovative ideas and inculcates a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in educational institutions of Gujarat. The policy ensures that the missing links of the innovation value chain like prototype support, IP protection, knowledge-based enterprise development, platform to showcase success stories, and similar challenges get mitigated through policy and allied support. Through this policy, innovation and preincubation support across the state in academia will be inclusive on sectors, space and other aspects. It will aspire to create student innovators turning startups beyond technology domain as well. The Student Startup & Innovation Policy mandates interventions at three levels: a) State-level (strategy and planning) b) University-level (contextual policy implementation & handholding) c) Institution-level (grassroots level deployment and end to end support to ideas and innovations). Government Polytechnic Ahmedabad has started a SSIP cell in Jagdish Chandra Bose Start-up centre from July 2018. SSIP Gujarat sanctioned Rs. 20 lakhs for Government Polytechnic Ahmedabad in Phase-IV for various activities to establish innovation, research and startup ecosystem within our institute. .

SSIP 1.0

May 2019 –March 2022

Date of MoU:

27th May 2019

Grant Sanctioned by SSIP:

Rs. 20 Lakhs

Grant Disbursed by SSIP:

Rs. 13.50 Lakhs

Total Grant Utilized:

Rs. 487298

Unspent Grant Refunded:

Rs. 862702


Rs. 401716

IPR Filing:

Rs. 14500

Tinkering Instruments:

Rs. 29064

Awareness Activity:

Rs. 30186


Rs. 11832