Department of Computer Engineering

About Department

Computer Engineering (CoE) is the fastest developing and trending discipline in the world which covers major three domain named hardware, software and networking in which range from microprocessor to supercomputer and from system software to application software with data management As well Data communication between microchip to satellite communication, security and analytics aspects. The specific technical areas of Computer Engineering are Cyber security, Networking, Database Handling, Artificial Intelligence, Design Automation, and Cloud Computing etc. Computer Engineers venture into various fields such as web-development, Computer Support Specialist, Computer Systems Analyst, Computer Systems Designer, Database Administrator/Manager, Network Administrator and much more. Hence future opportunities in this field are beyond boundaries. Diploma in Computer Engineering Program at Government Polytechnic Ahmedabad started in the year 1989 with 30 in take. At present department having 180 intake of students with highly meritorious academic background. Meritorious students process precisely by well experience and highly qualified faculties so that excellent outcome in knowledge, skill and attitude domains gained by learners.

Diploma Courses
Name of Course Type Period (Years) Current Intake Year of Starting
Computer Engineering Diploma 3 180 1989


  • Envision to provide best services to its stakeholders by achieving academic and professional excellence in computer and allied domain as per the need of IT industry and society globally.


  • To impart fundamentals of computer and related engineering fields among learners.
  • To motivate the culture of learning among students and faculty members to enhance domain related competency by providing required environment.
  • To develop professional and social attitudes and values in learners.


  • Pursue career in IT industry by adopting emerging and trending technology as lifelong learner.
  • Provide well-defined solutions in related domains with professional ethics.
  • Be an entrepreneur in computer and allied domains.


  • Provide web based solution using open source technology.
  • Provide mobile based solution using android operating system.