Women Development Cell

Women Development Cell Information

Women Development & Sexual Harassment Cell is a mandated body as per the Rules and Regulations lay down by AICTE/UGC and MHRD. In line with this, the Institute has formed a Women Development & Sexual Harassment Cell (WDC) and Internal Complaint committee headed by Smt. M. P. Patel, HoD - Electrical Department.

This cell performs its duties with a sole aim of creating a hassle-free environment for female students and staff of the campus community and thereby strives for enhancing their self-respect and self-confidence.

Our Women Development Cell members are:

Smt. M. P. Patel (Convener)

Smt. M. C. Shah

Smt. S. K. Raval

Smt. N. C. Pandya

Smt. D. B. Lakhtariya

Smt. V. J. Shah

Kum. N. L. Patel

Women Development Cell Information

✔ WDC has been formed with the intent of providing a conducive environment and a forum for women on the campus, to enable them to share views and resources as well as for the exchange of ideas

✔ To organize the Expert Programmes for ladies’ staff and girls’ students on the Role of Women in society, which continues to evolve with changes in technology, education, and knowledge.

✔ Grievances related to women at work are addressed by the Internal Complaints Committee.