Alumni Association

About Alumni Association
  • The Alumni Association of College of Engineering Perumon has been functioning from longtime at the college campus. The main aim of the Association is to maintain the link between college and Alumni and share their details of employment and achievements.
  • It was also formed with a view to keep the silken threads of the attachments between the old students and the Institution. The Alumni are helping the final year students in their project work and also about the employment opportunities in their respective organizations in India and abroad.
  • The alumni members meet for an Annual get-together every year and all the Alumni present are taken around the campus.
  • All the Alumni can participate in various entertainment programs and games organized by the college, with their spouse and children and are provided with lunch and refreshments.
  • To maintain the contacts of the alumni with the Alma-matter.
  • To foster the relationship between the past and the present students of the institution.
  • To keep the old students informed of the growth and development of the institution.
  • To give an opportunity to the old students of the institution to partake in the responsible task of building up and maintaining the tradition of this institution.
  • To serve as a forum striving to get a proper blending of the of the theoretical and practical aspects of Engineering.