Hostel facility, Canteen facility and RTO Activities

Hostel Facility

    Facilities (Boys Hostel):-
  • Water-coolers, R.O. Plants, Solar water heaters.
  • Security points.
  • Television
  • Sr. No. Description(Boys Hostel) Nos.
    1 No. of Rooms 71
    2 No. of Students (Admission Capacity) 213
    3 No.of Students Admitted 198
    Facilities (Girls Hostel):-
  • Handicapped room, Recreation room
  • Mess, Lift
  • Ro plant 250 lph capacity, Water cooler, Solar water system (terrace), Electric water heater
  • Env. Cure sanitary napkin incinerator
  • Television BPL, Hk vision dish (TV dish)
  • Table tennis table ,Badminton Rackets, Carrom board, Chess
  • Sr. No. Description(Girls Hostel) Nos.
    1 No. of Rooms 44
    2 No. of Students (Admission Capacity) 132
    3 No.of Students Admitted 80


  • 198 Boys Staying at Boys hostel against 213 occupancies
  • 80 Girls Staying at Girls Hostel against 132 occupancies
  • Equipped With

Canteen Facility

  • In campus, canteen facilities are available as per norms
  • Due to the prevailing pandemic situation, since there were no students, the canteen has not been functioning
  • The canteen contract ended in March- 2020
  • We plan to start it again when the situation becomes normal

RTO Activities

  • As per the direction given by Government of Gujarat, we are dealing daily 24 Candidates for Learning license examinations.
  • Total Candidates entertained so far...
  • Sr. No. No. of Candidate Appeared No. of Candidate pass No. of Candidates fail
    1 2434 1874 560