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Science and Humanities Department inculcates basic knowledge in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English which is the foundation of Engineering education as Engineering and Science are, by their very nature, humanistic and socially derived enterprises. Mathematics, the queen of sciences is the basis for all branches of Science, Engineering and Technology as all the complex ideas can be logically expressed by equations and formulae. The study of Physics uncovers the mysteries of nature through the knowledge of properties of matter. And the study of Chemistry is crucial in all manufacturing processes where the transformation of one form of material into another takes place. English language is pervasive and spoken throughout the world. It is the language for all walks of life. A good command and communication in English are essential in the modern world to wield not only respect but in all professional transactions.

Diploma Courses
Name of Course Type Period (Years) Current Intake Year of Starting
Science and Humanities Basic Sciences 1 - -


  • To strengthen the knowledge base of Mathematics, Applied Sciences and Humanities which are fundamentally correlated to various branches of engineering and technology with the vision to orient the students to self-learning, self-discipline and involvement through innovative teaching learning process.


  • To establish a center of excellence in basic sciences such as Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry that provide foundation for engineering studies and also in communication skills that helps students to express themselves effectively.
  • To provide a unique learning environment for the students, preparing the students at par with the global technical workforce, building confidence, character and human values.


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