Department of Science and Humanities

Laboratory Details of Science and Humanities

Laboratory Name: Physics lab

Physics laboratory has got all the necessary equipments and set - up that caters to the need of all Diploma Engineering branches as the GTU curriculum. The lab has got immense significance to improve the basic understanding of the concepts, laws and theories of physics and it also bridges the gap between understanding and application of the concepts. The physics lab emphasizes hands on experience with well prescribed experiments which can be modified to go well with a wide range of a students. During the semester students are assigned various mini-projects and asked to make working models based on the concepts of Physics. In the laboratory, the students are encouraged to take responsibility and have conscientious attitude towards their own work and study by providing controlled but stimulating environment and demonstrating positive attitude and values rooted in mutual respect. The students are progressively guided to reflect on the progress they have made during the semester.

Laboratory Name: Chemistry lab

Chemistry Lab improves students knowledge by providing them with a better understanding of basic concepts in chemistry. The purpose of this lab is to allow engineering students to conduct experiments to enrich their knowledge in chemistry. Our Chemistry laboratory has all the necessary equipment, glassware and chemicals for perform experiment as per GTU curriculum. .

Laboratory Name: Language lab

To fill the gap between schooling and engineering program of the newly admitted students, Department of Science and Humanities plays the role of bridge between their schooling and their further technical education. These new students get the first-hand experience and chance to take their communication skills to the next level in English Language Laboratory. For the first time in the practical of English, the students can relate their theoretical knowledge with the real life application. This upgrades for the overall development of the learner and enhances the ability to Listen, Speak, Read and Write (LSRW). Students can choose what they want to study and learn at their own pace as learning content can be adjusted to suit each student's individual need. With the help of presentation, group discussion and role play, their personality is enhanced and they become confident and well-groomed. Power point presentation and letter writing make them learn to use the latest teaching-learning modules which will make them go a long way. In addition, to indulge the students in co-curricular activities, students are inspired to participate in debates, quizzes and seminars, through which they get good oratory skills, knowledge and subject proficiency. English Language Laboratory provides solutions to different learning problems in a sequential manner to improve LSRW skills faster and accurately and enlarge the scope of learning in all spheres of life; personal, academic and professional. These types of skills help them to be more acceptable in placement and successful in their professional life.